Face it. The human race is devolving.

Just a quote I found in Marc Lehmann‘s collected net snippets.

The links to in the quote have been added by me so as to allow those of you who do not know what Oblivion or an RPG is know how the reasoning started.

Oh, I agree completely. No game has ever let me down the way Oblivion did. I’m still hoping mods and expansions will fix it but there’s no way I’m pre-ordering the next one. I’m afraid it really will be a first person shooter.

The really scary thing is that it’s not just video games. Book sales were done last year because people just don’t read as much anymore. I’m having to dumb down my newspaper editorials because people used to want analysis they could use to make their own opinions, now they seem to just want opinions they can quote without having to think for themselves. McDonalds puts pictures of the food on the cash register instead of numbers.

Face it. The human race is devolving. In 500 years the best selling RPG in the universe will be a console game where you roleplay an ape named Fred, swing on vines and throw your own excrement. You’ll have one stat, apeness. It will effect everything you do in a subtle, yet unexplained way.

And Bethesda fan boys will be screaming “TES 504: Monkeypoo good. You go bak cave, no good rpger. Two stats bad. Made feces throw too hard. Shiney key graphic good. Make me happy.”

*shrugs* But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Note: I fixed some typos in the quote. Which means this isn’t a (sic).

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