Choppy Video Playback in Prince of Persia

If you are to encounter a choppy video playback while playing Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones consider the following:

Open Hardware.ini in the folder you’ve installed Prince of Persia to. Then change the value of “NonPow2Textures” to the opposite. True or false. Which means, if it’s 0 – set it to 1; if it’s 1 set it to 0.

Once you’ve finished, you should set the permissions to read only. To do so, right click on the file, then open up the properties dialog. You’ll find the checkbox at the lower end of the window.

That’s about it. The problem should be solved.

Had to solve this for a friend like 20 minutes ago. Seems to work now – that’s why I hope that it might help you as well.

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