LDAP on a mobile phone

Yesterday evening while laying in bed, I once again had one of this strange thoughts. And again I was too lazy to get up right away and note it down. Anyhow.

Have you ever thought about why we do not have any LDAP support on mobiles? (Now this might exist somewhere, but to this date I have never heart of it.) Imagine kicking of the telephone book you are used to and switch for a national solution to the problem of “How on earth am I supposed to find the number of this and that person”?

We’ve certainly all been subjected to the case where we just couldn’t either remember of find a number in our digital or not address book. What was the solution? Well, either call a service who is going to query their database for you, or look it up in the telephone book (if then the telephone book is listing mobiles).

Now, instead of having a telephone book for the wired connections, we could have one for mobiles as well. Heck, best would be to only have one decent register on where one has to search.

Now imagine you are on the way, say somewhere in the country side. And as many people nowadays you carry your mobile with you just about anywhere. While sitting somewhere under a tree (heh, I can even try to be romantic) you suddenly want to call an old friend of yours.

Virtually impossible at the moment, it might not be in the future.

Now, getting back to LDAP support on a mobile. Imagine if there was a national LDAP service running, where you could type in the name of the person you want to query it for (intuitive, isn’t it) and it would give you as you type your results (imagine the “as you type” part once the input of the user has reached more than 3 or 4 characters – the connection speed and all make it impossible in my opinion to fetch or get a huge new list at every new character the user enters).

Technologically we have it all. I mean, there are Linux smart phones out there. And as many modern day mobiles have (Lord, here we go) Java capabilities everybody could just download an application allowing him to reach this service. The connection speed of the devices get’s better all the time too. GPRS should already be plenty fast, UMTS would be even better.

I can imagine though, that some people would feel uncomfortable with such a solution. After all, it’s your numbers available to just about everybody. And even though there are people who would have their name and numbers in an offline register – read: telephone book – they wouldn’t allow you to have their names and numbers in an online register. After all, every technology involving the internet is dangerous…

I sincerely hope that this service doesn’t exist yet. Not because I will make myself some kind of ridiculous if it does, but because otherwise I could have saved myself some minutes of typing.

Anyhow. Anybody of you got an opinion on this?

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