2 thoughts on “Orwellian times

  1. simon


    this has practical reasons. in britain, drivers are not required to carry their driver’s licence with them. also, britain has no form of identity cards, the only official form of identity is your passport.

    so police require suspects/unwitting drivers to come to the police station to prove their identity. these fingerprint readers speed up that process and *can* be seen as service to the customer.

    or not. :)


  2. Bob Hentges

    Actually that is not the point. I do not have a problem with the fact that people do not have to carry a license with them; great.

    What I do have a problem with is the fact that they want to use fingerprint readers in order to identify people. How will this work? Well there is need for a governmental database having the fingerprints of everybody. There lays the problem.

    How long will it take when such a system is in place that people will have to testify who they are wherever they are?

    How long will it take until for just about any crime, for just about anything touched there will be an outcry to use said service. Afterall, by then it will be in place. So who would care if somebody was to use it for another good cause – as in finding villains and whatnot?

    No, this definitely is not the way to go. Sure this system *can* be seen as a service to the customer, but that would be quite naive – at least in my opinion.

    Anyhow, thanks for the valuable feedback, for once a comment I cared to reply to.


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