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The question formulated by LostintheWhirlwind was the following:

I would like to know a specific reason why you do not believe in God or any other higher power.

Please actually explain yourself, and please don’t flame. I’m really interested in knowing what you all think.

I am an agnostic and I believe that the question is quite easy to answer.

Now, why would I choose to be an agnostic? What I am searching for a proves. You need proves in almost all the areas and parts of your daily life.

You do need to have a driving license when operating a car, so that you can prove that you are able to. You have to prove to your bank that you earn money in order to get a credit card. In court you have to be proven guilty before you can be sent to prison. Now, this last example is actually the most important one. Perhaps because it is the most obvious one to everybody, but perhaps because we just need – as human beings who like to question and analyse things – that something has taken place (a crime for instance) otherwise there is no need to believe that said convicted is a bad person and whatnot.

Interestingly, religion is the only place (hence the almost in my third sentence) I know of – or that I can come up with in a fraction of a second – where this seems not to apply. Why is that? I do not know. Prove me that that there is a god, and I will accept and formally acknowledge that I have been wrong. So far though, nobody has been able to do that.

You might argue that I could just as well prove that there is no god. Fair enough. But I believe I can counter that. To do so, we’ll have to get back to the court example I gave earlier on. People don’t go to a judge and say: “Look I haven’t done anything wrong.” without having been accused. There just is no need to prove that you haven’t done something, if there is nobody able to show that there has been an illegal act of your part. I reckon that most people do share my opinion on these court “rules”.

Now, I ask you. Where is the proof that there has been something – or that there is something – like a god? Asking me to prove that there is none seems just to be asking the question the wrong way around, as I tried to show with the court analogy.

As always, no offense meant to anybody whoever worships a god. I hope though that you will be able to understand why I am not.

2 thoughts on “Reply to (For Atheists and Agnostics…) a post on the DeviantArt Forums

  1. wayne

    one of main reasons ( of many ) that i am an agnostic instead of an atheist comes down to ” in the beginning ” vs “the big bang” – i would really like for anyone to make sense for me either theory – it’s just as much of a blind leap for me to accept that ; god had no beginning, he just WAS, always been there, never NOT been there, just WAS, no cause & effect,… to believe that ; there was NOTHING & then out of nowhere there was whatever was needed to begin the “big bang” process, once again , no cause & effect – neither theory makes sense to me BUT the fact is …we do exist, – therein lies my agnosticism ! – if anyone has a THIRD theory that actually makes sense i would very much like to hear it discussed,…………….wayne

  2. Kip Watson

    It’s partly our fault, as Christians, that the world thinks Christianity is about slavish acceptance of doctrine. Nothing could be further from the truth!

    Communism is about slavish acceptance of doctrine, Christians are all philosophers! We sit around in our church connection groups, discussing matters of the soul and spirit; morality and relationships; truth and language.

    Much of Christianity is a philosophy of mysteries. There are many things that don’t show up in the material world, but are self evidently true nevertheless.

    - Man has a soul? Of course he has a soul! He is a being composed of potentially infinite love and thought — he’s not a rock. That the term defies precise definition doesn’t make it untrue.

    - Life is a gift of the spirit? Yes, life exists by rules utterly at odds with the material world. Even though the dull material containers it inhabits are known in incredible detail, life defies all explanation! What better word than ‘spirit’?

    We deal with science and mathematics in our daily work, but these are the matters worthy of debating deep into the night! Find yourself a church with intelligent members and a good connection group programme. You’ll love it!


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