Thoughts on: “Russia sells new missiles to Iran”


Russia says it has delivered new anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran and that it will consider more requests from Tehran for defensive weapons. (…)

Comment by a US state department spokesman:

(…) “We don’t think that it’s an appropriate signal to be sending to the government of Tehran when they continue to be in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions,” Tom Casey, a state department spokesman, said. (…)

Is that so? Since when does the US care about what the UN Security Counsil decides, or does, or says?

After all, when the question was about whether or not to invade Iraq, nobody seemed to care. This behaviour is as childish as it gets. You share our opinion – we back your opinion up. You do not – we’ll still do whatever we want – respectively whatever we seem to fit.

Quotes from: Al Jazeera English

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