Adequate at best

Peter Johansson has written an interesting blog entry “Adequate at best” some days ago. For the full text, I’ll guide you to his site, of course, but here you go with a small quote:

[...] What bothers me is the implication that the bare minimum is good enough, that as long as the other half of the conversation can work out the intended message, we’re golden. This disturbs me greatly; when did we stop striving towards excellence in our daily lives? When did we decide that the most minimal of efforts should be good enough? When did we become this lazy? [...]

The entry is basically about the fact that it seems to be socially acceptable to write and publish material online without caring in the least about how things are written or how to formulate sentences. I am by no means implying that I am writing correct English but that I am trying to – which is worth a lot already.

[...] Anyway, the bottom line is that it dismays me that people seem to be content with putting in the least effort possible, and acting as if that’s as far as we ever should go. It dismays me because it indicates a lack of desire to ever excel at anything, to push boundaries and try to better oneself and the world. [...]

3 thoughts on “Adequate at best

  1. Elver

    Surprisingly, Peter’s own grammar and spelling has gone downhill lately :P

    Mine went downhill after I started drinking at the university. It gets better when I’m sober for a few months :)

  2. Bob Hentges Post author

    By all means though, your (Peter’s and yours) are still top notch. At least compared to the bull I write.

    Alcohol has some nasty side effects, that’s granted. While it allows you to think like a mastermind (at least in your little universe during the time you’re inebriated) it’ll render your means of communication absolutely useless.

  3. Jolle

    My grammar and spelling are perfect in my head. But when I actually write something, errors pours in from I don’t know where. I blame my fingers.

    At least it seems to be perfect. I understand what I think to myself perfectly.


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