Jabber Client

I have been on a long quest for a Jabber client that fits my needs. I have tested and used for some time quiet a few different ones. PSI (Linux, OS X), Adium (OS X), Gaim (Linux) and some others of which I have forgotten the names. Still none of them really did the job I intended it to do.

  • PSI is great, but it crucially lags a decent integration in Gnome. Even worse is the fact that it doesn’t “understand” the “geometry” flag. Aside that it really does about everything I could imagine.
  • Gaim is nice as well, it has a nice integration yet it just doesn’t stop to get in my way. Of course this can be an intrinsic consequence of my non-existent skill to configure the piece of software correctly; but still. I just can’t work decently with it.
  • Adium falls out of the row, as I have stopped using OS X for my every day work some time back. It’s not that I do not like it anymore, or that I think that it is broken or whatnot. My notebook is my main workstation at the moment because I am doing trips from Innsbruck to Luxembourg quite often these days.

Today I found what I think is a gem in terms of perfection regarding Jabber Clients. It’s called Gajim, and it really does everything I want it to do, which is great, and best of all, it even has a nice integration into Gnome.

Edit: Cut out some truely useless stuff.

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