Google Talk

I am wondering at the moment what is best to be done. Technically I think that it is bad that Google is gaining more and more power on the net. Do not get me wrong, I basically do not have anything against Google, my concern is that Google might end up like Microsoft, and I do not like the position Microsoft is in at the moment.

Anyhow. My question is as follows. Is it a good thing to promote Google Talk or is it not? I mean, even though Google is definitely on the way to gain a huge amount of power – they are relying on an open standard, even if at the moment it still isn’t possible to sent a message from the “normal” Jabber network to Google Talk – isn’t is better to promote a “by standard” open network as Google Talk over the closed ones like for instance OSCAR2 (AOL and ICQ) or MSN?

Do you think that using Google Talk is any better than ICQ, AIM or MSN?

At the moment I still do not know. I think however that I tend towards the alternative of recommending Google Talk. We’ll see…

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